Bottisham Village College has a longstanding tradition of Year 10 students completing Work Experience in the penultimate weeks of the academic year, with substantial and wide-ranging positive benefits to all that take part.

July 2023 has seen all of Year 10 complete two weeks of work experience from the 3rd to the 14th of July which has been an absolutely fantastic opportunity. Students have completed experiences within the local labour market  A few examples of local placements have been; Tesco’s , Coop , Red2Green, The National Trust, Turners of Soham , Manchett’s. We would like to thank all of the employers that have taken students this year.

As a school community we value the experiences offered by the placements, one parent commented ‘X absolutely loved the work experience, and it has confirmed for her that primary teaching is what she would like to do.’ It is great to see aspirations for the future employment being crystalised by the experiences.

Looking ahead to 2024, work experience placements will be taking place for 2 weeks from the 1st-12th of July. It is never too early to start organising a placement.

If you would like to know other placements that students have used in the past or if you have any questions about work experience please contact Jo Smith, Work Experience Coordinator or Head of Learning.

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