Welcome to Bottisham Village College Library!

  • The library has a fabulous set of resources and suggestions for new titles or activities are always welcomed, so please let us know.
  • The Library is part of the Cambridgeshire group of libraries. This means that students and staff have the added benefit of being able to order books reserve and collect books from any other Cambridgeshire library. Conversely, books from other libraries can be returned here.

The library is open for groups of students during the following times every break-time and lunch-time.

Opening Times



After School


11am – 11.20am 1.25pm – 2pm 3.05pm – 4.15pm


11am – 11.20am  1.25pm – 2pm 3.05pm – 5.00pm


Closed  1.25pm – 2pm  3.05pm – 5.00pm


11am – 11.20am  1.25pm – 2pm  3.05pm – 5.00pm


11am – 11.20am  1.25pm – 2pm Closed


Details of the public library opening times can be found here

Code of Conduct

  • Please leave bags and coats in the space provided outside the library.
  • Food and drink must not be consumed in the library.
  • No mobile phones are to be used in the library.
  • From time to time you may be sent during lesson time to work on a specific task, find a book or information or print out work. You will only be able to do this if you have a pass from your teacher.

Enrichment Reading List 

A copy of the college’s Enrichment Reading List can be found here. These texts have been carefully selected by department leaders to help support and extend students’ work in the curriculum.

Joining the library

As students arrive at the College, they are asked to join the library which forms part of the Cambridgeshire group of libraries.
Each Year 7 student will have an induction session within their first few weeks of starting where they will be given their library card, introduced to the library in a fun and relaxed manner and encouraged to borrow their first books

Borrowing & Renewals

The College Library is part of the Cambridgshire group of libraries and thus follows their terms and conditions which can be found on their home page.

  • Normally 12 books can be borrowed at one time.
  • Books can generally be borrowed for 3 weeks.

Books can be renewed personally within school, online here or, download the Spydus Mobile App which will let you check your account and renew your books from anywhere and at any time.


  • We have a fabulous range of fiction including Graphic Novels, Manga and Audio books.
  • Our non-fiction stock supports topics within the curriculum and reading for pleasure. We also have text books and up to date revision guides.
  • Our ‘Career Hub’ is always open for students to browse and discover their post-16 options from a wide range of prospectuses and career related guides.
  • Cambridgeshire libraries also provide a range of online encyclopaedias that all students and staff can access via their library card and pin number.
  • Check out the websites below for great new reads. Ensure you let Mr Ricketts know if you see anything that takes your fancy!

Did you know that as members of the Cambridgeshire Library Service, our school community can access high quality digital books and resources with their Library card? A range of e-books and audio books can be found on the Libby App, Borrowbox and Ulverscroft. Click on the resource name below and you will be taken to a page, which explains how to download and set up the app on an electronic device.

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