As a college, we are committed to supporting each individual child to reach their full potential

You will be able to monitor your own child’s attendance via parental remote access which will provide a figure as a percentage for attendance. This will also be shown in your child’s interim and full school reports.

Every child has a right to access the education to which they are entitled. Parents and teachers share the responsibility for ensuring that attendance rates at Bottisham Village College are maximised and that rates of unjustified and unauthorised absenteeism are kept to a minimum.

Family holidays in term time

  • Headteachers cannot grant any authorised absence during term-time, unless in exceptional circumstances. Those circumstances are at the discretion of the headteacher, but essentially, term-time leave will no longer be authorised.
  • Requests for term-time leave must be made in writing to the Principal.

We are required to inform you that any parent who takes a child out of the school for term-time leave for 6 consecutive sessions i.e. three days over a four week period, may receive a penalty notice*. 

*Please note if 3 or more term time leave Penalty Notices have been issued over a 3 year period then prosecution in relation to Section 444 Education Act 1996, may be considered as an alternative to a Penalty Notice fine being issued. Where a parent takes a child out of school during term time for an extended period (20 days or more), not authorised by the school, prosecution in relation to Section 444 Education Act 1996, may also be considered by the Local Authority.

Legal responsibilities

  • Parents are responsible in law for ensuring the regular and punctual attendance of their children. The school will also recognise the external factors which influence student attendance and will work in partnership with parents, the Education Welfare Service and other relevant services to deal with any issues.
  • Absence will not be authorised for reasons such as caring for relatives, daytrips, birthdays and missing the bus. There are absences, such as approved sporting activities that can be authorised. The school expects absence to be kept to a minimum; routine medical and dental appointments should be arranged out of school hours wherever possible.
  • When attendance falls to 96%, an initial letter is sent for information only.
  • If attendance continues to fall, parents/carers will be invited to participate in a telephone meeting.  A letter outlining targets and expectations will be sent following this meeting.
  • If attendance does not improve, parents/carers will be invited to participate in a face-to-face or virtual meeting. A letter outlining targets and expectations will be sent following this meeting.
  • If targets are not met within a specified length of time, the school may apply for a Penalty Notice.

Calling for unexplained student absence (Each Day)

  • Whenever a student is absent from school, we ask that parents/carers inform us on the morning of each day of absence before 8.15 am.
  • We encourage parents/carers to inform us via Class Charts, either by logging in or using the Class Charts app.  (See example below).

  • If you cannot access Class Charts, you can report an absence by calling 01223 811250 and choosing Option 1, followed by Option 1 to inform us of a student absence.
  • The reason for absence must be received before the start of the school day – before 8.15 am.
  • This procedure allows us to ascertain missing students quickly, so we can alert parents if a child does not arrive at school.  In this situation, parents/carers will be sent a text message with an alert that their child has not arrived in school.  This communication will be by text message to parents/carers registered mobile phones.  If they do not use a mobile telephone number, the message will be to the email address you have provided.  Parents will be asked to respond ASAP, so we can account for missing students quickly, ensuring all students are safe.  If we do not receive any response and cannot get a response from any recorded contacts, we may need to conduct a home visit or report the child missing to the police.

All absence information needs to be directed to our Attendance Officer either by phone or Class Charts.

A copy of our Attendance Policy can be found at the bottom of this page.

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