Students at Bottisham are able to take part in a wide range of enrichment activities at lunchtime, after school as well as enriching opportunities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

We pride ourselves on having various enrichment opportunities available for our students, below is a montage of some of the things we have done so far!

Extended Schools Programme

Please see below details of our current Extended school programme; the programme and enrolment form are sent out via email at the start of each term. We use our Parent’s Evening system to support with enrolment, please follow this link to sign your student up for our variety of clubs. Click here.

Click on the images above to view the clubs available.

For all queries about the extended schools programmes please contact: Mrs Martell on or 01223 811250


Student Leadership

We offer students a broad range of leadership opportunities at the college, in addition to those that occur in lessons. Students are able to record their achievements in this field via the My Bottisham Experience programme, which also enables form tutors to track and celebrate the participation of their tutees.

In year 7 and 8 students can act as form reps, making staff aware of the concerns of their forms, and contributing their ideas to the running of the school. Students can act as tour guides for visitors, and serve on student panels for both recruitment and quality assurance processes. Lower school students help to organise form charity activities, and sometimes lead in the organisation of clubs.

In years 9, 10 and 11 leadership opportunities are more formalised. Year 11 students can apply to be part of the Student Leadership Team, a small group which supports the college leadership team in the delivery of its priorities (See below for more information). They can also be bus prefects. Year 10 students can apply to be house mentors. Each faculty is supported by year 10 leaders, with PE leaders being particularly active. Students from both years help to organise the Student Council, which composes students from all years, and acts as a consultative body for the school. Year 9 students support Key Stage 2 students in their transition to the college, and students from all three of years act as both guides and ambassadors for the college during our open evening events.

Student Leadership Team

At Bottisham Village College, we believe that all students should have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, according to their strengths, their abilities and their interests.

The students appointed to be part of the Student leadership Team are important role models for other students throughout the College. We are very keen to make this role as inclusive as possible and we are able to offer support and mentoring if required. The role is varied and involves developing areas for school development often tailored to the interests and strengths of the students involved.

The team meet regularly with Mrs Rankine and work with other key members of staff, to help organise key events; for example Open Evening and end of term assemblies. These meetings also provide an opportunity for the team to discuss key issues of interest or suggest areas for development in the College.

In order to be successful in these roles, students need to offer:

• A commitment of time and energy
• A mature and responsible attitude
• The ability to work well with staff and peers
• Very good communications skills, including the ability to speak well in public &/a commitment to developing these skills further

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