What is ‘The Friends of Bottisham Village College’?

For up to date information about meeting dates and events, please visit our Facebook page 

The Friends of BVC exist to raise needed funds for the College and to provide activities that bring together the Staff, students and parents. The ‘Friends’ are a registered charity; this means that it is governed by a proper constitution.

That all sounds very serious?

Not at all – ‘The Friends’ are a group of parents that want to make a difference to the lives of their children at school but we also don’t take ourselves too seriously! With the current funding issues in Cambridgeshire the money raised by ‘The Friends’ is invaluable but we also like to have fun!

Over the years we have given support for a huge range if items, but most recently we have:

• Funded a new Kiln for the Creative Design department.
• Purchased new laptops for Learning Support.
• Worked to win a Community Fund award from Lloyds bank to buy learning support software worth £2000.
• Donated £2000 to the hardship fund to help students access events and opportunities that they would otherwise miss out on.

If you have ideas for funding or would like to be involved in deciding where the money gets spent then you are welcome to come to any Friends meeting or let us know on our Facebook page. 

Who comes to the meetings?

‘The Friends’ are a mixture of parents, some of who are also teachers at the College, who work together for the benefit of Bottisham Village College. Some are full-time parents, some work part-time or work full-time. NONE of us are specialists in fundraising.  The success of ‘The Friends’ (and there have been many!) depends on the continuous involvement of parents like you!

What sort of fundraising does ‘The Friends’ do?

The Friends has some regular (and very popular) events that it runs each year – this includes the Summer Bottisham Ball, and also various Quiz nights. In the past we have run race nights and a winter fair.
We are trying new ideas and we are really open to any ideas for fundraising or community events. Visit our facebook page for up to date info on events and to suggest ideas.

But surely its loads of work?

Absolutely not!  We meet monthly and we alternate between meeting at the school and at the Black Horse pub in Swaffham Bulbeck. You can come along to each meeting as a committee member, or just occasionally when you have time. You can just help out at events, or even provide support behind the scenes- for example designing posters, providing prizes/donations for raffles etc.
The more people we have in the committee and wider members, the more we can spread the activities around! You can do as much or as little as you like.

Our meetings

We have set all our meetings for the year so you can see easily when and where we meet. We have our regular committee meetings on Tuesdays in the evening. If you want to come just let us know via Facebook or email friends@bottishamvc.org

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