Parents’ Information Evening

Dear parents,

For those not available to attend this week’s evening, you may see the information here.

Best Wishes,

The Year 8 Team


Having established themselves at the college, this year is vital to students’ progression in all areas: academically and with their personal development. With some personalisation of their curriculum, the subject matter builds on their prior learning, as they continue their journey through our sequenced curriculum.

Using data from year 7 and updated GL assessments, setting takes place in a number of areas.

Year 8


English, French, German, Spanish, history, Performing Arts, RS, Music & Art
  • Students are placed in bands for Year 8 according to their language choice and then attainment sets based on prior attainment in English. The upper 4 classes in each band study two languages (X band German and Y band Spanish).
  • Students who require additional support in literacy will follow our nurture curriculum with increased time for English.
  • Students are placed in attainment sets based on prior attainment in maths.
  • Students are placed in attainment sets based on prior attainment in PE.
  • Students are taught in their mixed attainment form groups
Creative Design Rotations (Computer Science, Design & Technology and Food & Nutrition)
  • Students are taught in mixed attainment classes.


Some students are given the choice of a second language: German or Spanish, which shall determine their year halves.

Number of lessons per fortnight

Maths English Science French German/
Geography History PSHE REP Performing Arts PE Creative Design  Music Art
7 6 6 3 3 3 3 2 2 3 4 4 2 2


Details of our curriculum intent in year 8 can be found on our curriculum pages here.


There are many highlights to enjoy in year 8:

  • School trips, such as Wembley and Twickenham.
  • A range of Extended Schools Activities
  • Leadership opportunities, such as House Captaincy
  • Sports Fixtures
  • House Enrichment Activities
  • The chance of a residential trip at the end of the year

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