Opened in 1937, Bottisham was the second of the Cambridgeshire Village Colleges, built with a commitment to lifelong learning at its heart.

Henry Morris, the founding father of the Village College ideal, believed that schools should be the pulse of the local community, open to all and offering an attractive stimulating environment.

This vision still resonates today.

The college is a focal point for village life and a community ethos: a comprehensive adult education programme, a community sports centre and extensive provision for the arts and physical education as well as a well developed enrichment programme for all. In essence, the facilities, open 364 days a year, are the gateway to connecting all our catchment communities. Our adult learning courses run during the week, offering a rich selection of education for our wider community, from Maths GCSE to Level 2 qualifications in Horticulture.
Additionally, our sports facilities help grow sport at grass roots level, with swimming clubs and FA affiliated football clubs all benefitting.

Importantly, the college’s commitment to the on-site charity “Red to Green” is evident. Working with adults with disabilities and special needs, the college provides the supportive framework for this important community work to take place.

As our college grows, we shall never lose sight of the Henry Morris ideal: community is at the heart of all we do.

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