We have a House System at the college, which has been tremendously successful for a range of reasons

  • Students are rewarded through The House Points system for a range of reasons, including the quality of their academic work.
  • Students are issued with a house badge, attend house assemblies and have a member of staff as their house ambassador.
  • It gives the students a chance to involve themselves in a range of activities during Enrichment Day.
  • Students work with peers from a range of year groups and compete in different events, especially The House Games which takes place at the end of the Summer Term.

All the college staff is committed to recognising and celebrating the achievements of all our students. We are here to encourage self-belief in our students so they strive to be the best that they can be.  Our system of house points intends to acknowledge success, to motivate students to do their best and to share their successes with parents/carers.

Students are motivated when:

  • there are good positive relationships between students and teachers ;
  • students enjoy what they are doing and understand why they are doing it ;
  • students are given choices in the way they do things ;
  • their goals are clear and they know how to achieve them ;
  • their positive achievements are recognised.

Teachers will administer either 1 or 2 rewards points to students using the criteria below.  Teachers may decide to award a faculty certificate for truly outstanding work.  Students will receive 3 points for this reward in the first instance, five for the second, and seven thereafter.

Level 1 Reward

(1 point)

  • Demonstrating excellent effort or progress
  • High quality class or homework
  • Being helpful to a fellow student or staff member
  • Persevering through a challenging situation

Level 2 Reward

(2 points)

  • Consistently excellent effort or progress
  • Outstanding class or homework
  • Valued contribution to the college outside of lessons e.g. at an event or extra-curricular club

Level 3 Reward

(3 points)

  • A faculty certificate will be issued home for truly commendable work/effort/progress/contributions


Automated Rewards

Students will receive additional reward points for excellent attendance and no negative behaviour entries.

100% attendance over 4 weeks, cumulative over the year e.g. 1 point first, 2 second, 3 next and thereafter.

1 point

No negative behaviour entries over 4 weeks, cumulative over the year e.g. 1 point first, 2 second, 3 next and thereafter

1 point


Markers for Success

As students accumulate points through teacher administration and automated point scoring they will be able to view the current point score via the intranet and remote access.

Students will move through the threshold levels which will also be visible via the intranet.
Students and Parent/Carers will receive an electronic certificate every time they move to a higher level.

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