The catering service at Bottisham Village College is operated by Chartwells. Here is a statement from them:

‘Supporting Students to lead Healthier Lives

Providing students with delicious, nourishing meals that will fuel themfortheir day of learning is our priority whilst also supporting them todevelop ahealthy relationship with food to support their onwarddevelopment.
We know that for some students, their school lunch maybe their only hotmeal that day and so our team of Nutritionists ensurethat all of our deliciousmeals are packed with the nutrients pupilsneed to grow healthy and happy.

Our Commitments

To ensure we provide delicious, nutritious meals every day, our team of Nutritionists review our menus to ensure that:

  • They are fully compliant to the School Food Standards
  • All ingredients are checked for compliance to ensure they meet government salt and sugar targets with no unwanted additives or allergens
  • All recipes are checked to ensure they contain the right portions of key nutrients
  • All menus provide a good balance of the main food groups.

It’s Up to You

By following an approved Chartwells food offer, we can reassure you, our parents and students that we are serving a balanced and nutritious food offer that will provide students with everything they need to excel in the classroom.’

Parents make an electronic payment on to a student’s Wisepay account which is loaded on to their key cards. Students then use this card at the till to pay for their goods.

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