Bronze DofE Parents’ Information Evening

The video below is a guide for parents/carers to support their children with the Duke of Edinburgh award. The video outlines the process of the award and how to support.

Parents’ Information Evening

Dear parents,

For those not available to attend this week’s parents information evening, you may see the information here.

Best Wishes,

The Year 9 Team

This is an exciting year for students, as they are supported and guided through their choices for KS4 with our Pathways to the Future process. In Year 9, some students decide to specialise with a language, with others continuing with two.

Setting is completed in some subject areas, using our own data and updated GL assessments.

Year 9


Study Groups – (All subjects except those listed below)
  • Students are placed in bands for Year 9 according to their language choice.
  • MFL classes are then grouped based on whether they are studying 1 or 2 languages.
  • All other classes in the study group are mixed attainment classes.
  • Students are placed in attainment sets based on prior attainment in maths
  • Students are taught in mixed attainment classes.
  • Students are placed in attainment sets based on prior attainment in PE.
  • Students are taught in their mixed attainment form groups
Creative Design Rotations (Computer Science, Design & Technology, Food & Nutrition and Art)
  • Students are taught in mixed attainment classes.

Number of lessons per fortnight

Maths English Science MFL Geography History PSHE REP Performing Arts PE Creative Design  Music
4 4 4 4 2 2 1 1 1 2 4 1


Details of our curriculum intent in year 9 can be found on our curriculum pages here.

There are many highlights to enjoy in year 9:

  • A range of school trips
  • Careers talks in PSHE
  • Pathways to the Future interviews
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Extended Schools
  • House Enrichment Activities

The Pathways to the Future page can be found here

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