Applying for a bus pass

To check eligibility for school transport and to apply, go to the Cambridgeshire County Council website.
A paper copy of the form can be downloaded from the right hand side of this page and this can be sent directly to:

Education Transport
Cambridgeshire County Council
Box Number CC1301
Castle Court
Shire Hall


If you do not have access to the internet, please contact 0345 045 52 08
Please do not contact Bottisham Village College in the first instance. All queries should be directed to Cambridgeshire County Council on the above number.


Although buses are administered and run by The Education Transport Team, we are very clear of the need for the college to be fully engaged with the process.
In keeping with other areas of college life, we are always incredibly impressed by our students and proud of the way in which they conduct themselves whilst using the buses:

  • they respect the driver and other members of the college;
  • they calmly and safely wait at the morning stop;
  • they treat the vehicle with respect;
  • they are organised, remembering their bus pass every day;
  • they look after younger members of the college, if necessary.

In many ways, travelling by bus is all part of our students’ education: it fosters independence; it builds resilience; it helps students build friendships with a range of peers.
However, as there are no teachers travelling on the school buses, it is vital that students are aware of the high expectations we have of them and the consequences of not doing so.

The Travel Code of Conduct can be downloaded below

Bus Passes

Each morning and evening students must have their bus passes ready to be checked by the driver or by a member of school staff

Students must only travel on the route to which they have been allocated.

Should we think that a student’s behaviour or actions are inappropriate, The Education Transport Team have asked that we recommend the temporary suspension of bus passes. Additionally, the respective bus drivers will support us in this respect. If this measure is implemented, students will need to find alternative transport to school for the duration of the suspension, despite the clear inconvenience this places upon parents and carers.

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