Earth Day

Friday 22nd April will be a non-uniform day.

On this day we shall be marking Earth Day, which is an annual global event that raises awareness of environmental issues such as pollution and the preservation of habitats.

During this day, we will be fundraising for the Rainforest Trust (a non-profit environmental organization focused on the purchase and protection of tropical lands to strategically conserve threatened species), and raising money for environmental improvements in school, such as the provision of wildflower areas and wildlife habitats. 

Here’s what we’ve got planned:

  • Non-Uniform Day – Wear Something Green and Blue optional (£1 voluntary donation). There will be a link on WisePay for donations.
  • BVC Bake Off – Cake stalls (50p – £1.00; please bring exact change if possible) with a surprise judge and prizes to be won for the best cake made. 
  • Seed planting by The World Tree.
  • Guess the seeds in a jar (20p) – all guesses within 50 seeds win a seed bomb.

Additionally, during the week there will be an Eco Club Quiz and themed Words of the Day.

Thank you, in advance, for all your support.

Mrs E Street
Eco Club Lead



+44 (0)1223 811250

Bottisham Village College, Lode Road, Bottisham, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB25 9DL

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