Starting in January, Year 9 students enter an exciting phase of their educational career: for the first time they will have the opportunity to select some of the subjects that they will study.

We recognise that making these decisions can sometimes be difficult. Some students have a clear idea about the career they wish to pursue but many of you may be unsure at this stage. The learning journey through the curriculum that you have followed so far has been carefully sequenced to allow you to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to achieve your best at Key Stage 4. Our learning pathways will ensure you retain a balanced and varied programme of study.

This is an important decision and we will guide you in making the right choices. It is important to talk to your form tutor, your class teachers and your parents. Engage with the subject information videos, PSHE lessons and attend your guidance interview.

In our experience, it is important to keep an open mind. This doesn’t just mean picking the right subjects, but also picking the right type of course, so that you follow a Key Stage 4 curriculum that is broad and balanced whilst being directed towards your individual needs. At this important transitional stage, we want you to make good choices, and the key to this is making informed choices.

Our Pathways to the future booklet can be read or downloaded here.

Please find videos to all available subjects below.

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