Year 10 mock exams are currently planned to take place in the weeks between 17th and 25th March. Some exams will take place in timetabled lessons and others will be more formalised in the Sports Hall.

A copy of this timetable can be found below.

This will be our students’ first experience of something close to a ‘real’ examination experience. It will provide them with an opportunity to review and therefore consolidate the first stages of their learning, and to practice and develop their revision skills. Teachers will also get information about students’ progress, which will be used to plan the next stages of learning.
Over the next few weeks we will be encouraging students to engage with their teachers and subject leaders about their exams. I will also be asking staff to ensure that revision materials are signposted and that students have clear expectations of what to do to prepare for these mocks.
Revision lists or exam topics will be posted to Google Classroom along with revision resources or directions to them.
Finally, in form time and PSHE lessons, students will be taught about study and time management skills.
Mock results will be returned with feedback in time for our Year 10 Parents evenings which are scheduled for Tuesday 26th April (X band) and Thursday 5th May (Y band).

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