Presented by Dr Peggy Pelonis

A Journey through Life:  An Adlerian Perspective.

Human beings move through time navigating changes, focused on goals that make sense to our private logic in an effort to be happy.  In our striving for significance we want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives (we strive to thrive).  Yet, often we face challenges that are difficult to navigate and we frequently seem ‘stuck’ in patterns of behaviour becoming discouraged that change for better living is unattainable.  We see the world, not as it is, but as we are, therefore our own frame of reference, grounded in faulty early experiences and perspectives, can prevent us from making changes that will help us flourish.

Methods: Using Lifestyle Assessment participants will come to “see” the private lens through which each views the world and unravel their “personal life thread” by engaging in a personal journey of exploration.

A variety of experiential exercises and techniques aimed at cultivating personal strengths and encouraging optimal experiences in each of the Life Tasks will be presented.  Through engagement with these interventions, participants shall be empowered to consider changes to views, assumptions and beliefs that are outdated and behaviour which is counter to optimal thriving.

Dr. Peggy Pelonis is President at the American Community Schools; a K-12 International school in Athens Greece.  She is an educator, author and transnational Psychotherapist.   Prior to that she directed a mental health community center in California and has worked as a trauma counselor for major businesses and organizations and was specifically trained to work with trauma, related to possible aggressive acts, during the 2004 Olympic Games. Dr. Pelonis has been on the faculty of the Master’s Psychology programs for the University of Fullerton, the University of LaVerne USA and has taught at the University of Malta.  She is a transnational Psychotherapist and Educator currently on the staff of the International Committee of Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes (ICASSI).  She is on the Board of the European Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS) as well as on the Board of Middle States Association (MSA) of Schools and Colleges. Her work includes speaking engagements for the United Nations (New York), The World Innovation Summit in education (WISE) and the Alliance for International Education (AIE). She is  the author and co-author of numerous journal articles, book chapters and magazine & newspaper articles, as well as four books:, Resilience & the International Mobile Family; navigating Changes and Transitions,  Change in the Journey of Life  and Everything Changes (currently published in Greek)and  Adlerian Group Counseling and Therapy: Step-by-Step.  Journal articles and book chapters on educational leadership and managing educational change, include: Courageous Leadership, Metamorphosis; A Collaborative Leadership Model to Promote Educational Change ; An International Perspective of Academic Leadership, Embracing International Mindedness.


Course Details

Day Saturday
Time 9.45-17.00
Weeks/Term 2 Days
Start Date 05/10/2022
Cost £130
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