Presented by Jan Hawkins

Counselling CPD Workshops are open to counselling students, practicing counsellors/psychotherapists and other professionals.  The workshops can also contribute towards ‘The Advanced Certificate in Counselling Studies’

This one-day event will allow practitioners to focus on the long term sequelae of childhood abuse.  Through input, discussion and experiential space, we will explore the effects of having been traumatised as children; effects that can last into adulthood, and sometimes throughout life.

We will focus too, on how, as practitioners, we may empower and support clients who want to heal these long terms wounds, and live their lives more fully and creatively.

 Jan Hawkins ran groups for Survivors of childhood abuse during the early 1990s, controversially offering groups for both women and men, and for those who had experienced any type of abuse.  Many students and supervisees reported their difficulties in locating good, practical and developmental training for practitioners focussing on the issues raised by a history of childhood abuse.  In response to this expressed need in 1994 Jan created, and co-facilitated, a Diploma course in Counselling Survivors of Childhood Abuse, the first initiative of its kind in Europe. Since then, through FDP, Jan has continued to run post Diploma training courses with a conviction that experiential learning is imperative for developing empathy as well as skills.

 Hot water is available for drinks but please bring your own tea/coffee/milk.  Please bring a packed lunch.

Jan Hawkins has over 30 years experience in the fields of Special Needs, lecturing in Psychology, practising as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist, group worker, supervisor and freelance trainer.    All of Jan’s activities are grounded in the person-centred approach.

Jan has published articles in counselling and psychotherapy journals and books and her book ‘Voices of the Voiceless:  Person-Centred Approaches and People with Learning Difficulties’ was published by PCCS Books in 2002.

Two relevant chapters for this day are: ‘Living in Pain: Mental Health and the Legacy of Childhood Abuse’ (2005)

in Person-Centred Psychopathology: A Positive Psychology of  Mental Health.  Eds Joseph, S. & Worsley, R. PCCS Books.    ‘Recovering from childhood sexual abuse: Dissociative processing.’(2007) In  Person-Centred Practice: Case Studies in Positive Therapy. Eds. Worsley, R. & Joseph, S. PCCS Books.

For a full publication list, please see


Course Details

Day Saturday
Time 09:45 - 17:00
Weeks/Term 1
Start Date 05/02/22
Cost £80
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