T'ai Chi


T’ai Chi helps you to relax, improves your balance, co-ordination and flexibility

T’ai Chi for Relaxation is a new class that focuses on learning gentle movements to relax the body and mind. The emphasis is to harmonise the body and mind by cultivating natural movements and correct technique. It does not rely on muscular strength, so can be practised by anyone at all levels of physical ability. Improved coordination, cognition, balance and quality of movement are reported benefits from practising this art, including improved feelings of well-being and confidence.
T’ai Chi is commonly performed as a low-impact form of exercise, which means it won’t put much pressure on your bones and joints. The course will cover posture, movements for relaxation and T’ai Chi Walking for improved balance.
Beginners and experienced people are all welcome to attend this class.

Your Tutor: Faradena Afifi

Faradena is a full time T’ai Chi Chaun practitioner, instructor and community musician. She has been teaching T’ai Chi in the community for over 16 years. Her areas of study are Yiquan, Chen style T’ai Chi Chuan, the Yang 24 step short form, Qigong and Xinyiquan.

What you will need

• Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
• You may wish to bring a drink / water with you.


• Please get advice from your GP before starting T’ai Chi if you have any health concerns or an existing health condition.
• You will need to complete a pre-exercise  health questionnaire before the course, which you can download from our website. The tutor will need to see this before you start.

Course Dates:

September – 21 and 28

October – 12 and 19

November – 2 and 9

Course Details

Day Thursday
Time 18.00 - 19.00
Weeks/Term 6 weeks
Start Date 21/09/2023
Cost £47
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