Presented by Dr Peter Bailey

Counselling CPD Workshops are open to counselling students, practicing counsellors/psychotherapists and other professionals.  The workshops can also contribute towards ‘The Advanced Certificate in Counselling Studies’

There is a growing interest in the embodied mind and the elusive mystery of consciousness. Satisfying answers remain elusive despite science and psychology probing ever more deeply.

The workshop will start with the human wiring diagram and the chemistry and electricity of life – and make some connections with our subjective experiences of being human. The physiology of our sensory perception connects us to the world and it is from this that we build our notion of reality.  It is in this ambiguous territory that doctors and counsellors work.

Doctors are trained in the diagnosis of dysfunction and in prescribing remedies. We will dip into the history of this enterprise. We will look at the way the ten-minute GP consultation works and the medications that are used and the expectations that accompany psychoactive drugs.

The workshop will consider antidepressant medications, benzodiazepines and the Z-drugs, drugs of addiction, as well as medication for psychosis and bipolar disorder. It will examine the side effects and efficacy of these medications.

The workshop will build your confidence that when your clients tell you about their medications, you will be able to discuss their ideas, concerns and expectations from a position of understanding.

Hot water is available for drinks but please bring your own tea/coffee/milk. Please bring a packed lunch.

Dr Peter Bailey has over thirty years’ experience as a general practitioner, working first in Cambridge and then in Cambourne.  He now works for NHS Practitioner Health, providing mental health care to doctors.

He is also trained as a coach and mentor for health professionals.  He is the author of “The New Doctor, Patient, Illness Model – restoring the authority of the GP consultation” (Radcliffe 2014).

His approach is focused on supporting his patients in becoming fully engaged in dealing with the challenges they face.



Course Details

Day Saturday
Time 09:45 - 17:00
Weeks/Term 1
Start Date 5/03/22
Cost £80
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